Jeff Allen

Jeff is a disciple of Jesus who is living into his passion to walk alongside leaders who are looking to Thrive as disciples and as disciple-making leaders. In addition to his work with the Thrive Coaching Network and 3DM in North America, Jeff also equips leaders to the ends of the earth in partnership with the Baltic Pastoral Institute in Latvia as well as leaders in Kenya.

3DM Connection: Denver 3DM Hub Leader

Other Areas of Leadership: Thrive Coaching Network



Published Resources: Small Church Big Mission: Cultivating Missional Discipleship in Smaller Churches

Other Resources: Assessment and Languages – Disciple Self-Assessment in English, Spanish, German, and Latvian

Gina Mueller

Gina Mueller is the Director of 3DM North America and also leads the 3DM Hub in the Northeast. She has been a part of the 3DM movement since 2008 and has led in both large church contexts as well as been a part of planting a church, launched and multiplied a movement of missional communities and discipled leaders nationally. Gina and her family moved to Maine as missionaries in 2020 and are actively discipling those who are far from God to become disciples and reach their friends and family with the Good News of Jesus.  

3DM Connection: Director of 3DM North America

Other Areas of Leadership: 3DM Hub in the Northeast



Connect with Gina directly if you would like consulting for your family or church in building a missional culture that effectively reaches the lost in your community and mobilizes them on mission with you.  

Sean Blomquist

Sean Blomquist is a 3DMovements regional trainer coaching pastors, church planters, and church leaders, his goal is to lead leaders into a movement for God’s Kingdom.

He has been a part of 3dmovements since 2008 and has led in multiple ministry contexts.  Sean has started new young life clubs and led as an area director.  He planted a church led by college students in a jr. college town that he pastored for 15 years.  He launched and multiplied missional communities and teams of disciples in this context.  Sean lives in the East bay area of San Francisco California where he continues to embody the Jesus shaped life in his context, while coaching roughly 40 pastors weekly in living out 3dmovements discipleship journey. 

3DM Connection: San Francisco 3DM Hub

Other Areas of Leadership:

Access leadership – Helps Christian business leaders access their God given design to see their work as a kingdom call. 



Other Resources: Workshops:  Naturally super natural, 5 voices, persons of peace, Families on Mission, Jesus shaped journey.