3DM Custom Disciple Self-Assessment Tool + DB for your Church

This new addition to the 3DM toolkit will help disciples identify their personal shape as a disciple while also gathering data to help leaders identify the collective shape of the entire organization.

Send email to: jeffallen@3dmovements.org

What’s Included:

  1. Access to the Tool – A custom web link created especially for your organization that you can send to individuals
  2. Participant Identification – Each individual provides their Contact Information and selects a role that best reflects their engagement in the organization
  3. Disciple Self-Assessment – Each participant is invited to answer 30 questions to help them get a real-time picture of their current SHAPE as a disciple of Jesus Christ.
  4. Participant Results – Personal results are provided on screen and sent via email to the individual.
  5. Participant Reflections – The tool provides a space for individuals to type in  their reflections and thoughts for moving forward as a disciple. 
  6. Organization Results – In addition to providing each participant their results, all responses are tabulated and provided to a leader determined by you.
  7. Organization SHAPE – the collective responses will help you assess the SHAPE of the organization.
  8. Leaders and Groups –  the collective responses will also be grouped to provide insight into SHAPE of specific leader groups (staff, board, group leaders, etc.) within the organization.
  9. Strategic Planning – the tool provides real-time and specific quantitative data to help you develop strategic plans for building a disciple-making culture in your context.
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