3DM LifeShapes – Core Practices of Following Jesus – LEADER Bundle + LIVE Coaching

This Leader bundle + LIVE Coaching will give you access to the following lessons:

  • Creating a Vibrant Culture
  • Creating a Vibrant Culture- Coaching Sessions
  • Living a Jesus-Shaped Life
  • Living a Jesus-Shaped Life- Coaching Sessions
  • Hear and Practice
  • Hear and Practice- Coaching Sessions
  • From Survive to Thrive
  • From Survive to Thrive- Coaching Sessions
  • Praying Like Jesus
  • Praying Like Jesus- Coaching Sessions
  • Connecting Like Jesus
  • Connecting Like Jesus- Coaching Sessions
  • Mentoring Like Jesus
  • Mentoring Like Jesus- Coaching Sessions
  • PLUS: 21 Live Coaching Sessions

** Following purchase, these lessons can be accessed through the My Account page. You will receive a separate email to set up your coaching sessions.**

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