Jesus-Shaped Journey DISCIPLE Bundle

This DISCIPLE BUNDLE includes:

  • Jesus-Shaped Journey Introduction
  • The What – What is the Jesus-Shaped Journey?
  • The WhyWhy do we disciple people in the Jesus-Shaped Journey?
  • The HowHow do we live the Jesus-Shaped Journey?

This Jesus-Shaped Journey (JSJ) is the aha moment that has been hiding in plain sight.  It isn’t new of course, but captures the essence of WHAT spiritual formation is, WHY it’s necessary, and most importantly HOW we actually go on this Jesus shaped journey.  

In this new resource, 3DM provides a spiritual formation resource that is Viewable, Doable, and Reproducible as you live into the way to form people like Jesus!  

  • Viewable – We capture scripture, connect it to people’s lives, and catalyze it with a shape that makes the Jesus shaped  journey a viewable formational tool for everyone.  
  • Doable – When people are exposed to this JSJ a light bulb goes on and they see clearly the path ahead and how to proceed on their journey.   
  • Reproducible – The JSJ is a simple shape that embodies a sustainable faith for individuals and is scalable for any context.
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